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Vietnamese passion fruit is exported to China since July 1st

Bộ trưởng Lê Minh Hoan thăm nhà máy chế biến chanh leo của Công ty Doveco tại Gia Lai.
 Le Minh Hoan, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, visited a passion fruit processing factory. source:

On July 1, the National Office of Notification and Inquiry on Sanitation, Epidemiology and Quarantine of Vietnam (SPS Vietnam Office) said that the General Administration of Customs of China has just sent a document, agreeing to for Vietnam to pilot export passion fruit to this market starting from July 1.

The General Department of Customs (China) suggested that Vietnam closely monitor packaging specifications, pest control issues, planting area codes, record keeping, etc. to ensure quality, as well as food hygiene and safety before exporting to China.

In addition, China has introduced five pest species subject to quarantine that are not allowed to appear in passion fruit when imported into this country.

The General Administration of Customs of China requested the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to coordinate in taking samples for inspection in export shipments. Your side also suggested, the production of passion fruit must meet the requirements of good agricultural practices such as VietGAP, GlobalGAP.

According to the Vietnam SPS Office, businesses that want to export passion fruit to China must register through the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the General Administration of Customs of China. Registration information includes: product name, address and registration number for traceability…

Every year, before the export period, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development will send a list of passion fruit exporting enterprises to the General Administration of Customs of China for approval. Once approved, the General Administration of Customs of China will publish the list on its official website.

Enterprises wishing to export passion fruit to the Chinese market should contact the Plant Protection Department for guidance.

China’s agreement to pilot import of passion fruit from July 1 is the result of the efforts of the Plant Protection Department and related units during a long period of negotiations.

Passion fruit is in the top 10 Vietnamese fruit trees with the highest export value in 2021. In the past 5 years, the output and export value of Vietnamese passion fruit has increased by more than 300%. Currently, Vietnam’s passion fruit exports are only behind Brazil, Peru, and Ecuador.


Source: Vietnamese Agriculture Press

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